A Grapefruit a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Every now and then I get on these breakfast food kicks ranging from oatmeal to yogurt and fruit, to a light english muffin with cream cheese.

These days, I’m on a grapefruit kick!

I have found they are by far the best fruit choice when I am trying to lose or maintain my weight. Not only do they control your hunger, they will allow you to use the carbohydrates you eat more efficiently. 

I love ruby red grapefruit…fresh, crisp, and light! In the morning, I cut a grapefruit in half and wrap it up in foil. When I get to work I eat both halves and also drink the juice. I used to sprinkle artificial sweetener over the top but lately I just eat it plain.
I buy my grapefruit from Trader Joe’s…obviously.
4 reasons to start eating grapefruit today:

  1. Appetite suppressant. Not only do the smell of grapefruit reduce the feeling of hunger, it is high in fiber which makes you feel fuller longer. It also has the ability to burn away fat.
  2. Half a grapefruit has over 100mg of vitamin C which is about 78% of your daily recommended allowance. 
  3. Grapefruit has a high water content which can help increase your metabolism and an aid in digestion.
  4. High in lycopene, which acts as an anti-oxidant helping to fight disease and prevent cancer.

It took me a while to acquire a taste for this acidic fruit, but in the summer time there is nothing better than starting my day with a juicy fresh grapefruit with my cup of coffee.


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