If you want a hot bod…

Then you should probably workout.

I always say to people who ask me about food  vs. working out, it’s 80% what you eat and 20% working out. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout because if you want six pack abs, you better start doing some serious crunches. I always feel so much better when I workout. There’s nothing better than going to Barre Burn class on Monday’s and sweating out all the toxins I ingested over the weekend, and by toxins I mean booze.

clearly I think it’s okay to go on a liquid diet on the weekends.
So back to working out. The only reason I workout is because I see results. It’s the best when my clothes are too big on me and I need to go shopping immediately for new clothes.
Thanks BBF.
Here is a sample workout schedule that I TRY do follow during the work week. I typically do 4 days of strength training and 1 day of cardio.
Monday: Barre Burn Class
Tuesday: Barre Bee Fit Class
Wednesday: Barre Bee Fit Class
Thursday: jog on the lake or do sprints
Friday: Vinyasa yoga for 25 minutes or Barre Bee Class
If I’m REALLY good…
I’ll do cardio either Saturday or Sunday.
Obviously I don’t follow this strict schedule every week but when I do, I look and feel fabulous. If I don’t have time to workout then I at least do a yoga video on demand or The Daily Method DVD.
I am obsessed with Barre classes and my favorite Chicago studio is Barre Bee Fit. I love the results I see and when I go 4-5 days a week I feel awesome. 
What is your weekly workout schedule?
Have a great day!


  1. I just started doing core fusion classes at Exhale and I LOVE them! The description of BBF classes seem similar – how alike are the classes?

  2. The classes are very similar for except BBF adds bursts of cardio throughout the class. They also change up the classes, music, and schedule every week so you never get bored. Amazing-ness!


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