The Best Arm Workout Ever

When I first did this exercise with in Barre class I immediately fell in love. As much as lifting weights has given me fantastic results, this exercise does not require the use of weights. Not only is it fun and energizing, it makes my arms feel like they are on fire! I don’t want my arms to bulk up so this routine has made my arms long and lean. This is just as effective as any other muscle building exercise.

Try this workout at home and feel the burn!

Have a great day!


  1. These are great exercises for overall endurance and typically I will do similar movements to warm up for an intense arm and shoulder workout day. While I don’t recommend weights for the arm circles in the beginning (not needed), the other two become more intense when you add 3-5 lb weights.

    I really think these are great exercises for beginners, and for anyone who requires more endurance in that part of their body (swimmers are a great example), however this could end up becoming too easy as you become more fit and strong, at that point adjust your training regimen to include some light weight training to ensure you continue to see improved results. :)


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