Miso Glazed Sea Bass

Good morning! I am super sore from last nights barre burn class… Liz totally kicked my butt! After a tough class, I got home and made myself and healthy dinner of miso glazed sea bass with sauteed spinach. 
Lately, I’ve been trying to stay away from red meat and chicken and sticking to a diet of only fish as my main protein. I ventured over to the fish counter at whole foods to see my options. 
I love talking to the staff at the fish counter, they are extremely knowledgeable and always friendly. I was told that the sea bass was the most fresh and that it paired well with a red miso glaze they sell by the bottle.
great as a marinade and for dipping.

So I took my piece of fish and seasoned it with salt and pepper and then brushed the fish with the miso glaze.
I threw it on the grill for 12 minutes flipping over once in between cooking. 
When the fish was firm to the touch and flaked with a fork, I knew it was ready.
While the fish was on the grill I sauteed 2 BIG handfuls of spinach on low to medium heat.
The fish was so light and flaky that when I took it off the grill it literally fell apart in my hands.
served with a side of sauteed spinach
The fish was very light in texture but very filling. I LOVE the red miso glaze, it was a great compliment to the fish. The guy at the fish counter told me that sea bass is delicious on its own but per usual I like to liven things up!

Have a great day!


  1. Kyle Franson says:

    I am so going to try this tonight! I am a big fan of the light flavor of a miso glaze and have had it in several restaurants. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks for reading Kyle. Let me know how it turns out!


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