September Trader Joe’s Finds

Good morning, how are you all on this rainy day? Since I am participating in my company’s healthy living challenge, I decided to take one for the team and walk to work this morning in the pouring rain.

I was ready and prepared sporting my rain boots, rain coat, and umbrella. I got into the office with my head held high and dry…well kind of. My team better love me!

Over the weekend I stopped by my neighborhood Trader Joe’s and picked up these awesome items.
140 calories for 18 rings.
I love how thick and crunchy these grahams are. Perfect for dunking in some fat free cool whip!
120 calories for 2.5 grahams.
I made a batch of this last night and mixed it with some chili. It’s a great noodle substitute with TONS of fiber.
delicious dairy free salad dressing
I was all out of this, I love how convenient this crushed garlic is. I hate doing it myself.
Gala apples!
As I was walking home from the store, a homeless lady came up to me and asked me for money. I told her that I had none but I had this bag of apples and offered her one. She got very excited, took a bite, and said how delicious it was. Awwwwwww!
I can’t wait to use this as a marinade.
Totally dissolves the smell of onions, garlic, fish, etc.
I love this lemony fresh soap!
Which item do you plan on trying?
Have a great day & stay dry!

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