Italian Dinner with the Girls

Good morning! I am in BAD shape today….not only did I over sleep but I am battling a nasty cold/sinus/cough whatever it is! Fortunately, I had the privilege of dining with my high school friends last night at Enoteca Roma a cute Italian neighborhood restaurant in Wicker Park.

We sat in the back patio which was very open and spacious. I loved the ambiance of the entire place. They had an extensive menu with tons of yummy options to choose from. We ordered a bunch of plates to share.

Since my throat was killing me, I started with the garlic lentil soup.
It was delicious! I almost took another cup to go for my lunch today.
Their menu had a variety of bruschetta options. We were able to mix and match.
My favorites were the goat cheese and roasted red pepper and the apple, honey, and brie.
Refreshing salad to share…mixed greens, onions, dried cranberries, gorgonzola, & granny smith apples.
Their rustic roman style pizzas have a thick and crunchy crust. 
We ordered the Dragona, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and burrata cheese.
no words
LOVE at first bite.
Pear ricotta ravioli with a walnut cream sauce and Gorgonzola cheese.  
Not pictured: spaghetti in a spicy tomato sauce with shrimp, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and a white wine sauce.
My fatass plate
The restaurant is connected to Letizia’s Bakery (same owner). 
Obviously we had to stop into the bakery and check out the goods!
OMG…giant peanut butter cookies sandwiched with chocolate fudge
i love my friends.


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