Girl & The Goat

Saturday night I went to Girl and the Goat with my family to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday. This restaurant is impossible to get into, I made this reservation 4 months ago and I have to admit it was worth the wait.

I loved the ambiance of the restaurant. It was very comforting and welcoming. The second we walked in we were greeted by the friendly host and hostess who lead us to our table. You can definitely get away with wearing jeans or a dress. I wore cords and a simple top.

 The menu had a variety of dishes ranging from veggies, fish, chicken, steak, and goat…yes, goat. They change their menu every so often to make sure it’s up to date with the seasons. There are some very exotic items on the menu (like goat) but our waitress was very knowledgeable and made sure we ordered the yummiest dishes.

I loved the open kitchen. Half way through dinner my Mom and I switched seats so I can watch for myself.

So entertaining!

Their plates are designed to share so we ordered a TON of dishes and tried everything.

We started with warm raisin bread with carrot jam and a yellow raisin & walnut butter

 chickpea fritters

seared scallops with fried brussel sprouts, pomegranate, spiced pecans, in a pumpkin sauce

luna azul tequilla, saint germain liquor,  and lime juice

Saint germain liquor is made out of an elder flower so it had a sweet and unique taste. It’s my sister’s favorite!

 sauteed shrimp with spaghetti squash

 wood fired walter’s chicken

fried pickles, two different types of sauces, and grilled naan

 We took the ingredients above and made a little sandwich using the naan bread. The fried pickles reminded me of Snooki from the Jersey Shore lol

 sauteed green beans

chorizo flatbread

 smoked goat empanadas

We took the plunge and tried goat, recommended by our server. I was a little scared at first but it was delicious!

 roasted cauliflower

beef ribs


All in all, we had a fantastic dinner and most importantly, my Dad was SO happy.

We had a wonderful dining experience and I can’t wait to go back!

 Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!


  1. BEST POST EVER!!!!!!! Love you!!

  2. The chorizo flatbread and roasted cauliflower are calling my name!!!! Happy Birthday to your Dad :)

  3. Thanks Jen!


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