Glowing Green Smoothie

This is a story of how I tried my first attempt at making Kim’s Beauty Detox’s Glowing Green Smoothie and failed…

well not exactly, I just hit a couple hurdles along the way

I made a BIG mess

and had to clean it up, now my kitchen permanently smells like lettuce.

But don’t worry guys, round 2 was much better…

Glowing Green Smoothie


1/2 cups of water

1 head of organic lettuce (I just eyeballed it)

1 handful of organic spinach

1 organic apple cored and chopped

1 organic pear cored and chopped

1 organic banana

1 small handful of organic parsley


Add the water, romaine, and spinach to the blender on low speed until smooth. Gradually moving to higher speeds, add the apple and pear. Add the parsley then the banana last. Click here for the original recipe.

It is VERY important that the smoothie is made properly in the order of ingredients above, otherwise it will end up chunky. Listen to me, I would know hence the photos above.

I made this the night before and brought it with me to work in this to go cup with a straw. The smoothie will stay good in the fridge for up to two days. My advice, make one big batch on Sunday’s and freeze it in batches. That would be the easiest if you want to have a smoothie every morning.

 On a side note, you should definitely read Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution. It will change your life. I read it in March and finally had the courage to make her amazing Glowing Green Smoothie. I highly recommend it!

Have a great day!


  1. You blender looks like it does well. Looks like no chunks if done properly. What blender us it? Have you tried the cauliflower soup in the blender yet. I am using a blend tec but yours looks like it does the trick. I have been drinking GGS for 3 months now.

    • I use a Cuisinart blender and it works well. I obvi want the vita mix but I’m not willing to spend that much on a blender yet. It’s my 3rd day drinking GGS and I’m obsessed, I have SO much more energy, I don’t even need my coffee anymore :)

  2. That is a whole lot of green in that smoothie!!! I may have to make one for myself :) YIKES on the mess!!!!


  1. […] this feast I couldn’t even breathe. Monday I was back at it drinking my GGS every morning. I have my cousins wedding this weekend in Connecticut and I’m wearing a skin […]


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