Must Have Winter Accessories

Winter is here and the fun has just begun with high winds and freezing temperatures. It so hard to stay cute and stylish while staying bundled and warm in the cold. Here are my winter accessories I rely on to help me stay warm and chic.

1. Add nylon puffer coat: I love the belt and the hood is a MUST!

2. Adrienne Landau Fur Vest {seen on Kourtney Kardashian}: OK, spending $400 plus on a fur vest is ridic but there are so many affordable fur vests out there (faux and real) that add the perfect compliment to any outfit.

3. Ugg Earmuffs: I got these as a gift a few years ago and I can’t live without them. They are so wam and my headphones fit perfectly underneath them so I can jam out on my walk to work.

4. HotHands: I throw these in my purse and jacket pockets. They save me from the cold wherever I am!

5. American Apparel Over the Knee Socks: great to wear with leggings and dresses. Adorable!

6. American Apparel Leg Warmers: these are the best leg warmers ever made. They make such a different when I wear them under my boots. I work out in them too… gosh I love the 80’s.

7. Touchscreen friendly gloves: if you own a touch screen phone you must get a pair. Amazon has a variety of affordable styles.

8. Infinity Scarf: Cozy and warm! Lori’s has adorable ones for under $60.


  1. I want 5,6 and 8!! Super cute!!!


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