So the new year is in, the holidays have passed, and it’s time to get back on track- so much easier said than done.

Personally, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon and haven’t been working out as much as I should and not thinking about what I put in my mouth. In the fall, I went through a period where my jeans were too big on me. I even got to the point where Jan suggested buying new jeans a size down because I looked like an idiot constantly pulling up my pants. It’s one of the best feelings to have your jeans be too big on you and I liked it because when they started to get tight on me I knew I had to do something FAST to get my body back to where I wanted it to be and make sure to keep it that way.

I like to start on Monday, right after the weekend. By the time Wednesday rolls around I’m already starting to feel better and back into my healthy routine.

Get Skinny by Friday!

Workout at least 4 days a week. I’m not talking about going on the elliptical for 30 minutes I’m talking about challenging, vigorous workouts that include cardio and strength training. In order for your body to change, you need to push it to the max. I workout at Barre Bee Fit and every time I leave class I feel like I got my butt kicked. One of those four days needs to be either Saturday or Sunday. I have found that if I add one day on the weekend it makes a HUGE difference.

I am a BIG fan of classes. Treadmills, stairs, and ellipticals bore me. I need someone to push and motivate me. I am a big fan of sprints but if you belong to a gym check out the class schedules and try them out. I bet you’ll find some classes that will kick your ass!

Plan your meals. This is probably the hardest one. I was eating healthy breakfasts and dinners but lunch was the tough one for me. Recently, I’ve been going out for lunch and while it’s social and fun it also isn’t the best choice. It’s hard to measure portions and you have no idea how many calories your consuming. During the week I bring my lunch Monday-Thursday and treat myself on Friday and go out for lunch. Bringing my own lunch is so much easier for me since I am usually indecisive on a lunch spot anyways. Sunday night I made a big batch of  Taco Chicken Chili, put it into tupperware containers and brought it everyday for lunch. I was full and had tons of energy for second half of my day. 

Honestly, those are the two things I did to get back on track and my jeans are starting to get loose on me again! If I ever find my jeans getting tighter on me or if I’m not feeling very good about myself, I hit the gym or watch what I eat. It’s a lot easier said than done but once you get into the swing of things you’ll feel so much better.

Other Tips:

Don’t be a vulture. Let’s say you’re out with friends and you order appetizers to split. Don’t be the first one to dig in. Not only does it make you look like a fatass but it’s not proper etiquette. If you ordered something you really like then take a bite and let everyone else dig in. This will help you not deprive yourself yet stay in control. Social settings are the hardest!

You are in control of your health and your body. Start off the week on the right track!



  1. This is all so true. When I try hard Monday-Thursday I really feel a difference by the following weekend. If I could just get myself to go to the gym on Saturday I would be so proud of myself:)

  2. I am the exact same way…try and eat as healthy during the week and it all goes to hell over the weekend! What can you do eh?



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