Use the snow to your advantage

I don’t know about you, but staying in on this snowy evening makes me want to do one thing…


I am currently going bananas!

Just bought these babies on ShoeMint and got 15% off!

So lets backtrack 4 hours ago when I walked home from work on this fine afternoon. I took a look out the window of my office to determine whether I should take a cab or brave the snow. To be honest, I was kind of scared! I decided to walk home, the snow was so deep that I would get home faster if I walked.

Thank goodness for my hunter boots!

Luckily I dug into my gym bag and found my umbrella. I opened it up and it blocked the icy, cold, wind from my face. I didn’t even care if I looked like the biggest dork, it saved me!

Did I mention my umbrella is multi colored polka dot?

I realized that walking through snow is like walking through sand, it’s hard and makes a great little workout. You have to put more energy and force into walking through the sticky snow. By the time I got home I was sweaty! If you really want to get an extra bonus, squeeze your seat muscles as you stride through the snow. This will seriously burn calories!

 Stay warm this weekend!



  1. Looks like your walk home was loads of fun. Love those new shoes!


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