Get the perfect body for your wedding (Or for any reason for that matter!)

My co-worker and fellow blogger, Melissa shares her story on how she got in shape for her wedding! I hope you all enjoy this special treat and let me know if you have any questions or if you want to get in touch with her. xoxo

When I got married, like many women, I wanted to look my personal best. Not only are all my loved ones looking at me all day, but the pictures last a life-time (not to mention I wanted to ensure my husband-to-be would drool the second he saw me walk down that isle, thanking his lucky stars I said yes :-)  )

The results:

He couldn’t take his eyes off me

With the proper diet (follow Lauren’s tips!), supplement routine (I am a BIG fan of Advocare products, since there are many sketchy companies out there), and a challenging, but easy to follow routine, you can see amazing results in as little as 90 days. Within 6 months I dropped from a size 10-12 to a size 7 and had the kind of arms and back that had people saying “WOW, WHAT DID YOU DO TO LOOK SO FIT?”

I share with you below the 5 day routine I developed and followed during my wedding workout routine. I admit, the first few weeks are difficult, but nothing is harder than day one! If you are new to weight training, you are not alone! Many women have avoided weights simply because it is unfamiliar territory, but necessary to burn off those pounds quickly and to get that level of tone that makes you turn heads.

Overall tips:

  1. FORM, FORM, FORM – All in caps because it is so important to have proper form during exercises (A great guide can be found at: Not only do you see better results when you use the proper pace and form, you also avoid injury by pacing yourself and not putting undue stress on other parts of your body. When you lift the weight, count to 2, when you lower the weight, count to 4 (oddly enough, most work is done when you LOWER the weight). This slow and controlled movement really forces the muscle to contract, work and burn those calories!
  2. Be sure to pick a weight that forces you to “fail” between 10-15 repetitions. If you can do more, then it is too light and you should add more weight. When by yourself, it is difficult to push yourself to the point of muscle exhaustion, but this is necessary for tone and progress. Pain is weakness leaving the body!
  3. BREATHE – Never EVER hold your breath. On every lift (repetition) exhale and inhale on every lower.
  4. HAVE FUN!!! There is nothing quite like the feeling after a great workout – you’ll feel great about yourself, confident and sexy :-)

*Below are supersets, meaning 1A you do as many pushups as possible, then immediately do seated rows without resting between. Repeat 3 times (3 sets total). There is not much rest between sets in an effort to keep your heart rate up and burning more calories (and using your time more effectively)

Monday – Chest & Back

Push-up options

1A – Push ups – 3 sets of as many as you can do – start with traditional push up, 2nd set do military push up, 3rd do wide push up

1B – Seated Row OR lawnmowers with alternating arms- 3 sets

45 seconds rest


2A – Wide arm pull ups (or Lat pull down) – 3 sets

2B – Incline Press – 3 sets

2C – Chin ups  (make it a goal to be able to eventually do 10 chin ups without assistance)

30 seconds rest


3A – Cable cross over OR Dumbbell fly – 3 set

3B – Cable cross for back OR bent over fly – 3 sets

Finish with 15 minutes of intense ab workouts (if you need ideas, there are a ton of exercises on YouTube) and back extensions (I am a BIG fan of the Roman sit up 3 sets of 15 with weight)

Show off that killer back!

Tuesday – Cardio

Take a class, do plyometrics, anything that is intense, but enjoyable (makes it much easier to do). If you do an activity on your own, such as biking, running, swimming, etc. use the training guide below. It doesn’t matter the activity, as long as you get your heart rate up for AT LEAST 30 minutes over 125 BPM.

5 minute warm up – intensity level 5

1 minute – intensity level 6

1 minute – 7

1 minute – 8

1 minute – 9

REPEAT (6-9) 3 more times

1 minutes (minute 22) intensity level 10 (FULL SPRINT)

5 minutes – cool down – intensity level 5

Wednesday – Legs

1A – Leg press OR squat – 3 sets

1B – Lying Leg curl – 3 sets

Rest 1 minute

2 – Stationary lunges with weights – 3 sets, switch legs each set

Rest 2 minutes

3A – Seated Leg Curl – 3 sets

3B – Step-ups – 3 sets

Rest 1 minute

4A – Stiff legged dead lift – 3 sets (this is an AMAZING butt, hamstring and back workout, however form is imperative. Please make sure you do this properly so as to not hurt your back or knees)

4B – Calf raises – 1st set of 15, toes point in, 2nd set of 15, toes point straight, 3rd set of 15, toes point outward

Finish with 15 minutes of intense ab workout

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Shoulders and arms – all 3 sets

1A – Seated DB overhead press

1B – Seated DB curl

Rest 60 seconds

2A – Up right rows

2B – Chair dips

Rest 60 seconds

3A – Standing bar curls

3B – Tricep press down OR Overhead extension

Rest 30 seconds

4A – DB Lateral Raise

4B – Hammer curls up, side curl down

Finish with 15 minutes of intense ab/back workout

For arms that get noticed

Saturday – Yoga or stretch

Sunday – REST

By: Melissa Coglianese

Check out her blog:



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