Pre Valentines Day

I am not much of a Valentines Day person however since I love holiday candy heart shaped chocolates, sweet hearts, and gummies make me happy. My friends and I like to make Valentines day fun every year and get together to eat, drink, create, and exchange gifts!

Heart shaped pizza...yummy!

Heart shaped pizza...yummy!

delicious creamy cheesy pasta

heart shaped oreo brownie cakes

Underwear exchange- love these lace and leopard undies!

 We created our own cake trifles in mason jars using cake, cool whip, frosting, candy, sprinkles, etc. The top left is my trifle- I love sprinkles!

our creations

If you’re hosting a party or want to give a fun and creative gift this is an easy and inexpensive way to impress your guests. Special thanks to Siera for hosting the party last night!

 Have a great evening!



  1. Just got home from the gym and I am literally drooling over that heart shaped pizza…I think it’s a treat I just worked for! Gotta love me first :)

  2. LOVE THE HEART SHAPED PIZZA:) and cake in a jar? So creative!


  1. […] occasion to eat yummy food and make something crafty. Last year for Valentines day we made our own trifles in mason jars. This year we got super crafty! Actually Siera is the crafty one, I’m just sharing her ideas […]


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