Restaurant Week: A fancy lunch with co-workers

I got the iPhone 4GS  when it first came out but I never took advantage of Siri until this week when my Dad told me he uses it constantly. I fell in love as you can see below. I guess Siri and I need to get to know each other better before she loves me back.

Wednesday afternoon, I had a delicious lunch with my co-workers at GT Fish and Oyster. I’ve been dying to try it. It was the perfect little lunch where we ordered from a three course tasting menu to try a bit of everything.

the girls!

top left: shrimp bruschetta, top right: scallops, bottom left: herb crusted white fish, bottom right: carrot cake

Everything was delicious and the portion sizes were perfect for lunch. We were full and satisfied but not to the point where we wanted to sleep at our desks when we got back to work.

Are you going anywhere special for restaurant week?


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I just laughed out loud reading that mini convo you had with Siri.

    Going to Japonais for Restaurant Week tonight – it’s an oldy but a goody :)


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