Super Duper Bowl

Good morning! I feel like a walking carb face after eating all of that yummy food at the superbowl last night. Everyone made amazing dishes, I can’t wait to post the recipes and share them with you!

hummus dip

baked salami

pasta salad

buffalo chicken dip

mac & cheese bites

chili dip

walking taco!

My friend Colleen took mini bags of fritos, crushed them up, and cut an opening at the side of the bag. Then had us fill them with homemade vegetarian chili, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream.


This is a great one for tailgates, parties, festivals, etc.

Peanut butter and jelly bars

what a proud little chef!

homemade cookie dough dip... no words just amazingness

mini pecan tarts

homemade 5 minute fudge

I will be posting the recipes for these items throughout the week- which one do you want me to post first?

Special thanks to Dayna and Todd for hosting the Superbowl party at their apartment. Good times!



  1. Samantha Newman says:

    I seriously want to try everythingggggggggggg. Ugh cookie dough dip!!!!!!!!! Who made that? I want the recipe nowwww


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