Fashion Friday

Jan has been working like a dog at the Theory Trunk Show this past week at Saks Fifth Avenue in Highland Park, IL. Here are some of the hottest items for Spring from Theory as well as a few other of her favorite brands.

Must Have Tops for Spring!

These colorful and basic tops pair fantastic with nude, white, or pastel colored jeans. 

Top left: robbi & nicki orange top, top right: theory calla lily top in silk, bottom left: theory geometric sheer top, bottom right: basic theory ruched tee.

Colored Jeans

You can wear these jeans with nude or caramel pumps. These are perfect for the season especially the bottom right jeans which are an amazing shade of red. HOT, HOT, HOT!

Left: AG pale pink jeans with a beige snakeskin print, top & bottom right: AG "the stilt" jeans in beige and red.


Killer dresses that are perfect for any occasion. 

Left: Bailey 44 dress, right: hot hot dress


Pre-fall killer items shown at the Theory Trunk Show. Peplum is key for the hall season, the fit is incredible and a total fashion trend for fall.

Top left: Theory leather blazer, bottom left: theory pale pink leather jacket, right: theory leather vest with peplum detail

 Nude/Caramel Pumps

These are on my wish list, Jan won’t stop talking about them. I am determined to find a less expensive pair unless I get lucky :)

Prada caramel pumps to wear with pastels or nudes.



  1. LOVE the leather jackets! Jan has the best taste!


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