Passover 2012

It’s a lovely Monday after the holiday weekend and I feel my day dragging along with my stomach full from all the yummy food I consumed. Every year my Mom (Jan) makes an unreal Passover Sedar for my family. She always seems to outdo herself every year. This year she made a Thanksgiving themed Passover with turkey, matzo stuffing, sweet potatoes, and more. It was delicious and very creative. Jan likes to change up the food she serves for every holiday so her guests don’t get sick of the same food over and over again.

Friday night we had a crowd plus my brother came in town from college and surprised Jan. I’ve never seen her so thrilled to have all of her children sitting around the sedar table.

The sedar table

sedar plate

Charoset: a mixture of chopped apples, cinnamon, nuts, and wine. Symbolizes the mortar that the Jewish people used to build and keep the bricks together when they were slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt.

Mom's homemade gefilte fish

farfel muffins


matzo stuffing

sweet potatoes


toffee & chocolate matzo- recipe posted this week!

flourless chocolate cake

flourless chocolate cake

fruit compote

 I am not keeping Passover this year. In fact, I already broke it. I can’t eat matzo for a week straight I will go insane. A lot of my friends are keeping it and doing the no carb thing which is an awesome idea!

For those of you who are Jewish, are you keeping Passover? How do you plan on keeping it?


  1. I wanna that toffee Matzo. Jan out did herself!

  2. this looks amazing. i wish i was at your seder. next year! xo


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