Vodka Soaked Gummies

I apologize this post is LONG overdue! I made vodka soaked gummies for a St. Patty’s day treat and they were a hit. Actually people were more intrigued than anything, lol. I used gummy bears and gummy lifesavers in the batch below. I highly recommend using gummy lifesavers over gummy bears. The lifesavers soaked up the alcohol much better and didn’t taste as strong as the bears.

Vodka Soaked Gummies


  • 1 large package of gummy lifesavers/bears/worms/etc.
  • 1 handle of vodka
  • 1 large glass pyrex dish


Pour the gummies into the dish and spread evenly into one big layer. Side note: make sure you use a glass dish over plastic. Pour vodka over the gummies until they are completely submerged in the vodka. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

After the gummies soaked overnight I noticed there was hardly any alcohol left in the dish. The gummies literally soaked up all of the vodka. Be careful when serving, they are much stronger than you think!


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