weekend things.

Good morning! It’s Monday and I am so tired and out of it. I’m sitting at my desk chugging coffee as I type. I had nothing planned this weekend which I love because I am free to do whatever I want, so I pretty much partied my tush off and ate yummy food.

I also took a risk…a BIG risk…

I highlighted my hair! ahhhhhhhhh!

This was the first time I have ever highlighted or dyed my hair in my entire life. I decided to do it because I needed a change. My hair has always been the same for as long as I can remember. Besides donating my hair to locks of love back in high school I’ve never done anything drastic to my hair. I didn’t want to cut it all off or add bangs so my stylist¬†recommended¬†I add some ombre highlights to brighten up my face. I was SO nervous! I decided not to tell anyone and just go on a whim and do it.

What do you think?!

Me, Brittany, and Marnie at Butterfly on Friday night. You can't see my hair that well in this picture.

I baked my brother some birthday treats

Recipe will be posted this week!

Hot pink toes!

Cucumber marg from Mercadito

sticky bun


  1. Your highlights look amazing!! xoxo

  2. love the hair! jess showed me a picture last week of it!


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