New Grocery Store Finds

I’m feeling so tired from the weekend and I need to wake up fast. Today is optional to come into work because of the NATO Summit but since I’m such an over achiever I figured, why not take advantage of the office being dead and actually get work done! When I say work I mean blogging about the new grocery store finds I stumbled upon this weekend.

80 cals per square! I love these for a small sweet treat.

Don't even get me started... this stuff is amazing.

 1. Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolatefound at Whole Foods

2. Smartfood Selects, Parmesan and herb popcorn

3. Nature Valley Granola Thins

4. Kashi Peanutty Chocolate layered granola bars

5. Smartfood Multigrain cinnamon sugar pop chips

6. Ciao Bella lowfat greek frozen yogurt

7. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter

8. Trader Joe’s S’mores ice cream Sandwiches

9. Trader Joe’s ready to drink coffee beverages

 have a great day!



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