Gifts for Dad


Noise Reducing Wireless Headphones– $99

iPad Dock– $99

Remote Control Car Starter Kit– $79 on Groupon

Beer Making Kit– $40

Movie Theater Gift Card– whatever you want to spend!

Apple TV– $99

Heart Rate Monitor– $110

┬áIs it just me or are Dad’s hard to shop for?… or should I say men in general. When it comes to shopping for my Dad I typically like to get him things he needs. As I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, my siblings and I go in on a gift together and get my Dad something he wouldn’t buy for himself. Father’s day is all about the little things you do to show your appreciation so- write him a special card, bake him a batch of his favorite cookies, or frame a picture of the two of you for his office. I’m such a Daddy’s girl, whenever I go home to my parents house I pretty much follow my Dad around all day- he is my best company!


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