How To: Make Beachy Waves

I’ve had a ton of people asking me about the waves I’ve been wearing in my hair recently. I used to curl my hair with a flat iron but I’ve found the clipless curling iron a lot easier and faster. I like how the clipless curling iron creates soft beachy waves in my hair that hold very well too.

You can get the same waves using a regular curling iron just make sure the clamp is closed and wrap your hair OVER the clamp to get these waves. I’ve found the clipless curling iron has made my waves stay longer since it gets much hotter than the curling iron- so hot that I’ve had to ice my fingers from burning them. I also love that it helps eliminate unnecessary heat at the weakest part of your hair, the tips.

My clipless curling iron is Jose Eber, 25mm pro series. It comes with a heat resistant glove which I should have used at first since I burned my fingers many times. Once I got it down, I hardly ever burn myself.

1.Using a wide-tooth comb, comb through your hair and make sure to smooth out any tangles. This will make things a lot easier when it’s time to curl!

2. Pull the top layer of your hair back and twist in a bun. Secure with a hair clip or hair tie. Since my hair is thicker, I break this up in four sections and curl each layer separately.

3. Hold the iron with the barrel pointing down. Wrap a small section hair around the iron. Hold on to the tip of the hair as it heats for about 10 seconds or so.

4. Unwrap the section of hair and let your hair fall by itself. Repeat to curl the entire section the same way.

5. Let another section of your hair loose from your clip. Tie any remaining hair up again. Begin curling the new section the same way.

6. After you’re done curling all of your hair, use your fingers to brush out the waves gently.

7. Finish by spraying your waves with hair spray or curling mist.



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