Lauren’s Garden

It’s the little things that I love the most. My Dad came to the city yesterday and I asked if we can go to home depot (his favorite place) and plant flowers together on my balcony. He said “you know, you don’t need my help- you can do this yourself.” My response “Dad, I like to it when we do it together, it’s the little things that I love so much!

Obviously he couldn’t resist and we planted my garden together- it was the best day ever! I put my gloves on and got to work…

 We planted flowers in hanging planters off my balcony as well as fresh herbs in stand alone planters- rosemary and parsley.

 Obviously I have to have fresh basil in my garden.

Planting a garden (especially on your balcony) is a messy project. Make sure you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Last year when I planted my first balcony garden I forgot to get a lot of tools to help me.

Things you never thought of needing when planting a balcony garden:

  • mini shovel
  • gloves
  • broom
  • watering pot

I know the items above sound obvious but when you’re all excited at home depot picking out your flowers, it’s easy to forget!

The flowers and herbs still need to grow, I can’t wait to see my garden in a few weeks when everything is bloomed!


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