New Keurig Treats!

I am so happy to be a K-Cup ambassador again! I love trying all of their new products and sharing them with you. Besides, how are you supposed to know what’s good out there unless I tell you!?

I first received Donut Shop Coffee Sweet & Creamy iced coffee. I am obsessed with this! Not only is it delicious, you don’t need to add cream or sugar. Simply brew in your Keurig over ice and you’re ready to go.

Both the regular and nutty hazelnut are delish!

 Summers are short here in Chicago but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make the most of it. I received a shipment of Green Mountain Coffee’s Wild Mountain Blueberry flavored coffee. Sipping on this delightful treat reminds me to savor the summer, with a hint of blueberry this is my new favorite coffee to drink in the morning.   I walk to work every morning, sipping on my coffee in my spill proof travel mug as I listen to my favorite jams. This always puts me in a good mood, especially on Monday.

Use the promo code YUMMY-8153 to get 15% off ALL Green Mountain Coffee flavored coffees available in K-Cup packs!

What’s your favorite coffee?


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