Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashana crept up on me this year. I think it was because I was out of town two weekends in a row that next thing I know I get a call from Jan telling me to request off work for the holiday…ummmm yeah, that didn’t happen. I guess I’m a bad Jew, but I have money to make and I’m taking off for Yom Kippur so I can repent for not taking off work on Rosh Hashana.

Once again, Jan made a beautiful dinner. Every year she seems to amaze me, I don’t know how she does it and it kind of freaks me out because I know one day it will be me hosting the holiday dinners.

 Jan’s Homemade BBQ Brisket

Every time she makes brisket she perfects the recipe every time. This time she added BBQ sauce, it was delish!

Carrot Cake 

Roasted Potatoes 

Green Bean Casserole 

Cauliflower Gratin

Cheesy Chicken

Jello Mold

Homemade Apple Cake

 Recipe posted tomorrow!


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