Summer is officially over, now what?

It’s fall and it’s already 40 degrees outside. Summer is over, no one wants to go out as much as they used to, it’s like pulling teeth to get a crew together for happy hour, and it’s time to shift your focus back into work mode. It’s easy to get the early winter blues now that the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. Waking up in the morning is more difficult than ever these days. During this time of the year and leading into winter, I like to do things to avoid losing my daily momentum. I’ve found when I make small changes in my weekly lifestyle, it keeps me going. It doesn’t have to be a big change. By doing something out of the ordinary, I find it to be refreshing and avoids me from getting bored or the early winter blues.

I try really hard to do one thing out of my comfort zone every week or one thing that is out of the ordinary. Believe it or not, it makes me excited- so excited that I want to share my ideas on how you can keep yourself on that summer high note and what you can do if ever get that feeling of boredom or loneliness.

Take a fashion risk: I like to wear bright red lipstick one day per week. It’s not something I normally wear but an easy addition to my personal style.

Put on your fanciest jewelry: Why not? Besides, when you look good you feel good.

Set goals for yourself: Do you want to get promoted? Find a new job? Buy those amazing shoes you’ve been eyeing? Create a plan of action to get there! 

Get a spray tan: I can’t stress this enough, Glamour Girl always has discounted specials. 

Walk a different route than normal: change of scenery. 

Part your hair differently: I did this last week and my hair has never looked better! 

Start a new hobby: A friend of mine is learning how to make friendship bracelets, how cool is that?!

Get a blow out: has anyone tried Bowtique yet? 

Take a bubble bath: talk about relaxation after a long day

Read a new book: this goes with the hobby thing. A lot of my friends say they have no hobbies, you will sound super smart if you tell people you love to read or that you’re in a book club. 



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    Thanks again Lauren for the mention! New Glamour Girls- go buy the Deal on Gilt this week!

  2. Any red lipstick recommendations? Love this trend!


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