The Skinny on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night and of course I was sitting on my couch watching it with my jaw dropped in awe of the beautiful and skinny models walking the runway.

It really must be nice…

With that said, I’m sure most of you are thinking how skinny these models are and how it’s not fair. I agree, it’s not fair and these models are blessed with their height, long legs, flat abs, tan skin and big gorgeous hair. As jealous as most of you are (myself included) here are some facts that will make you feel better.

1) Most of these models are not American. You can easily get their bronzed skin tone with a spray tan.

2) They are blessed with good genes. Yes, they are lucky to have a high metabolism but I’m sure you’re blessed with good genes they don’t have.

3) They get paid to look like this. If I was paid to look my best then I would be a model myself!

4) These models are not perfect, see the image below.

Even if this post doesn’t make you feel better, at least you can see some of them without makeup on!

Don’t compare yourself to these models or to anyone else for that matter. Most of all, it’s important to maintain a healthy body. No one is perfect, so embrace your inner and outer beauty and be the best YOU can be.


  1. LOVE this LAUREN!!!

  2. Well said Newman! Love this!

  3. Not only well said, but most of those women are skinny to the point of gross. My husband and I like to watch this together, but he often comments on how gross the popping hip bones are, etc. (and no, he isn’t saying it just to make me smile). What is REALLY attractive are the outfits. And isn’t that the truth: when we are put together, wearing something sexy, we feel sexy and ready to seduce? Don’t need to be bone thin to be sexy, just the right attitude and accessories! Women need to own their bodies and realize men love their curves, especially when they’re highlighted in sexy lingerie :)

    • I totally agree! It’s a fashion show, so it’s more about the outfits than anything else. Men do love curves and are appreciating them more and more. Curves are what makes every woman different and unique!


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