Beautiful Hair While You Sleep

Don’t you wish that you can roll out of bed with your hair looking just as great as it did yesterday? Sometimes I wake up and my hair looks awesome with no kinks of any kind. Sometimes I wake up and my hair looks like a cyclone hit it. Over the years I’ve adapted a few tricks in order to wake up with hair looking great so I don’t have to spend my time fixing my hair in the morning. Besides, I’d rather get more sleep than fix my hair. Here are my tricks to have beautiful hair while you sleep.

A scrunchie is your best friend. I’m not talking about the scrunchie that you’re wearing on your wrist right now. I’m talking about the big 80’s style scrunchie you used to wear back in the day. The best thing about the scrunchie is that it won’t rip your hair out or cause it to crease. Before bed, put your hair in the highest ponytail possible and secure with a scrunchie. You will wake up with your hair un-creased and with some volume as well!


Create beautiful waves while you sleep. Before bed, braid your hair in one giant braid and secure with a hair tie. Spray the braid with a little bit of hair spray. The next morning, take out the braid and you will have beautiful, effortless waves. I like to do this when my hair is dirty.


When I wash my hair at night, I let it air dry┬ánaturally while I sleep. I find that when I wake up in the morning it’s a little damp so I can easily style it.



What are your bed head tricks?


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