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This month I will be traveling every week. I’m definitely not used to this but I really could. I get to visit a different city every week and get exposed to working with clients face to face and building a professional relationship. It’s really cool but also very exhausting. When I travel for work, it’s important to stay as organized and compact as possible. I’m not an expert (yet) but I’m getting there! Below is how I organize my makeup and toiletries. I feel like that’s the hardest because as a girl, you have so much stuff and you don’t want to forget anything.


My friend Brittany gave me this monogrammed makeup case when she asked my to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I use it to store all of my makeup.


I keep my makeup brushes in a carrying case that zips. It fits perfectly in my makeup bag.


When I travel, I must have a case that hangs. I love this thing- I can hook it anywhere. It’s so convenient! Tumi makes it btw and I got it on sale.


I always stock up on mini toiletries- face and body wash, dry shampoo, lotion, etc. It’s just not worth arguing with security for taking away your full size items. Besides- security sucks.

When I get home from a trip and I am traveling again the next week I don’t even unpack my makeup or toiletries. It saves me time when I’m packing for my next trip.

I also own an electric toothbrush and I don’t like to bring it with me, the battery dies so quickly. When I get to my hotel, I get a toothbrush sent to my room. Almost every hotel has extra toothbrushes. I just call the front desk and they bring me one. I do this almost every time I travel. Call me lazy.

I’m thinking about starting to bring my clarisonic with me when I travel, I miss it so much. What do you guys think? Should I bring it on my next trip and see how it goes?


  1. I always get a toothbrush sent to my room! Great post!

  2. Bring the clarisonic! I bring mine every week & on weekends…


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