A low-sugar, high-fiber breakfast

If you shop the Meijer cereal aisle, you may have noticed some changes recently. The Meijer brand cereal line has a fresh new look and is growing to offer customers more choices to start their day. The number of varieties will nearly double in the coming months to include several new non-GMO options!

Meijer was kind enough to give me the opportunity to sample their chance new cereals as they’re hitting store shelves. Not only is their new cereal line affordable, they have a huge variety likely to please anyone.

Sample flavors:

  •        Fiber Complete with Probiotics – This cereal contains nine grams of dietary fiber, I had it for breakfast yesterday and it kept me full all morning. It includes probiotics to help maintain overall digestive health and pieces of real strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I noticed that the box was slightly more difficult to open than the other cereals. Because it contains probiotics, it has a special kind of liner that creates a more air tight seal to protect the freshness of the cereal.
  •        Multigrain Toasted Oats – This O-shaped cereal is made with five whole grains and lightly sweetened. I can see myself using this cereal instead of rice krispies in this recipe.
  •        Blueberry Muffin Squares – These taste like cinnamon toast crunch but BLUEBERRY! It’s the perfect sweet treat with only 130 calories per serving. The best part, it has whole grains and 12 vitamins and minerals!

Additionally, Meijer will be running a 50 percent off sale on Meijer brand cereal April 18-28. It will be a great chance to try some new flavors or stock up on your favorite Meijer cereals. Meijer will also be hosting in-store cereal parties in all stores on April 20 (11 a.m.-4 p.m.). Shoppers will be able to sample the new flavors, make cereal crafts and pose for fun photos – a great event for kids.

Who’s ready to shop?! I know I am. :)



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