My garden is here!

My garden is here! I spent all day on Sunday planting and putting it together. Last year my Dad and I planted it together but this year I did it all by myself- I feel like a proud Mother!

DSCN2844 I have a small balcony with just enough room to have a little garden. I have 2 planters on both sides of my balcony and individual planters with herbs.

DSCN2846 I got a pretty good workout!


DSCN2845 fresh cilantro

DSCN2849 flowers in a variety of colors



DSCN2852 parsley

DSCN2851 basil

I’m excited for everything to bloom and I especially can’t wait to use the herbs. I’ll make sure to post an update within the next few weeks!


  1. You are so inspiring! If you EVER come over I want you to look at my little patio and give me some tips on having a garden! Love you and your blog! XOXO


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