My New Favorite Workout

Shred 415 is my new favorite workout class. I really needed to change up my workout routine and start working other muscle groups that I don’t normally work. A friend of mine (and Shred addict) recommended it to me and said it totally changed her body. I decided to give it a try. What’s the worst thing that will happen? I get a good workout? I sweat a lot? I burn a ton of calories? Done and done!

What Is Shred 415?

The Shred415 interval-style workout that involves alternating cardio on treadmills (opt to walk, jog, or run) with weight training throughout the course of 60 minutes. Broken out into four 15-minute segments (hence 415), this class burns calories that exceeds most traditional workouts. While each session works the entire body, there are other classes that focus more on those trouble spots we worry over: legs, seat, arms, and abs.

I went to the location in Old Town on Division and Wells. It was very easy to get to and I had no trouble finding it. For my first class, I took the Shred Total Body Class taught by Kara. I knew I was going to be running on the treadmill a lot so I mentally prepared myself it was going to be a grueling class already, especially since I don’t do much cardio.


Knowing it was my first class, Kara was really nice and explained the entire concept of the class to me. Then it was time to get started! The class consisted of short intervals on and off the treadmill. I started on the treadmill (and got a good spot!). When you’re on the treadmill you’re listening to the instructor tell you to increase/decrease your incline, speed, or both. The treadmill part was my favorite and it totally kicked my ass! For the floor part of the class, we used weights and various props such as the TRX. The strength training sequences were a bit confusing and fast paced, I was all over the place! Kara did mention that I would be confused my first class. The class went by very fast, there was great music, good energy, and the instructor was very motivating. I always love a good instructor, it makes a huge difference.


I was dripping sweat after class, you definitely need a good 15 minutes to cool down after class. Overall, this is a class I never thought I could see myself doing but I think it’s something I want to add into my routine because it forces me to do cardio. I’m sore but not as sore as I thought I would be, I guess that’s a good thing? I am on the wait list for next week and I really hope I get in!


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