August Skinny Tips


1. Use garlic powder on your pizza instead of Parmesan cheese. I used to be a Parmesan whore until a friend introduced me to this. It’s genius and a great way to cut calories when you want to splurge on pizza!

2. Put motivating photos as the background of your computer or phone. It can be anything from pictures of you when you were at your goal weight to a pair of skinny jeans you want. Whatever it is will help motivate you to stay on track.

3. Get a good night sleep. Do you ever notice that you eat more when you’re worn out? I do!

4. Don’t eyeball the oil. I’m guilty of drizzling olive oil when I cook and who knows how many calories it adds up to. 1 tbsp = 120 calories.

5. Swap chips for cut up carrots and celery sticks. I don’t buy potato chips, not even baked lays. However, I do buy pita chips and pretzel thins. I can sit on the couch dipping them in hummus all night long. I started buying cut up veggies instead and it’s made such a difference. When you don’t have chips/pretzels in the house, you won’t eat them.


  1. I love the idea of swapping garlic powder for cheese — so creative! Never would’ve thought of that.
    And I’m definitely guilty of underestimating sleep, need an early night tonight.
    Love your blog!


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