DIY’s Around the House to Make Your Life Easier!

Instead of calling the maintenance man or dealing with the problem until it gets REALLY bad, DIY! The below DIY jobs can be completed in less than an hour and won’t leave you broke. I hope they help you as much as they help me!

How to fix a broken fuse

First, locate the fuse box. Mine is in my closet. You should see a bunch of switches in there (they are called breakers). They all point the same direction. One or two should be flipped in the opposite direction. Flip that one back to the same side as all the others and everything will turn back on!

How to get water spots off dishes

Glass cleaner, it’s like magic! If you have a really bad stain let it soak for a few minutes and wipe clean. Make sure you rinse with soap and water to remove any chemicals from the glass cleaner.

How to fix a clogged drain

There is nothing worse than a clogged drain, especially in the shower. Gross! I pour an entire bottle of drano into the drain and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then, I use a plunger and plunge the drain. It works the same way as if you plunge a toilet. The drano loosens up the hair and dirt in the drain and the air pressure from the plunger forces the drain to clear.

What to do with wet/dirty dish gloves

If you are an avid user of dish gloves, you will know after using them they are soaking wet and kind of nasty. Instead of throwing them under the sink (what I used to do), I put them in my dishwasher. That way, they have a place to dry and it’s easy access when I need to do the dishes.

How to keep flowers from wilting

Stick a penny in the vase after you put your flowers in water. I guess there is something about copper that prevents flowers from wilting. It really does work!


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