J’s Birthday Weekend {via iPhone & Instagram}

IMG_7825 It was J’s birthday over the weekend and we did a lot of celebrating! I think I was more excited for his birthday than he was. The weekend started with happy hour on Friday at Citizen. It was the perfect little get together for J to celebrate with his friends.


IMG_7810 Saturday was J’s actual  birthday and we spent a relaxing day together followed by dinner at Bavette’s. The drinks, food, and service was incredible. Our waiter was very knowledgeable about the menu and even picked some items for us when we couldn’t decide. I love knowledgeable wait staff, it makes the dining experience so much better! I highly recommend Bavette’s for your next special occasion.


IMG_7818 Lastly, we went to a family dinner on Sunday at Topo Gigio in Old Town. Topo never fails to serve up a great meal. It is one of the most consistently good restaurants in Chicago.


IMG_7833 After a weekend of celebrating it’s back to reality, at least it’s a short week.

Hope you had a great weekend!

My Best Friends Wedding Weekend

What a weekend! My best friend Jessica married the love of her life Saturday night. I can’t believe it’s already over and that my best friend is now Mrs. Morris! Everything was perfect from the dress, flowers, room decor, hair, makeup, pictures, family, friends, etc. It was a beautiful wedding and Jess made a gorgeous bride. As the maid of honor I gave a speech at the wedding, I was so nervous about it but luckily it went well.  It’s the coolest thing when your best friend gets married, it still doesn’t seem real to me! I am so beyond happy for Jess and Drew, they are such a special couple.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Morris!!!!!!!!!

Gifts for Dad


Noise Reducing Wireless Headphones– $99

iPad Dock– $99

Remote Control Car Starter Kit– $79 on Groupon

Beer Making Kit– $40

Movie Theater Gift Card– whatever you want to spend!

Apple TV– $99

Heart Rate Monitor– $110

 Is it just me or are Dad’s hard to shop for?… or should I say men in general. When it comes to shopping for my Dad I typically like to get him things he needs. As I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, my siblings and I go in on a gift together and get my Dad something he wouldn’t buy for himself. Father’s day is all about the little things you do to show your appreciation so- write him a special card, bake him a batch of his favorite cookies, or frame a picture of the two of you for his office. I’m such a Daddy’s girl, whenever I go home to my parents house I pretty much follow my Dad around all day- he is my best company!

Dinner with my Sis

My sister Samantha and I went to Topolobampo for dinner the other night. It’s always fun to have sisterly bonding time and since we both love to eat, dinner is our thing!

Samantha and I before dinner

top: old navy, jeans: seven, purse: marc jacobs, necklace & bracelet: spike the punch, watch: borrowed from my Dad

incredible margaritas


mini tacos


Carne asada- the most amazing sauce!

Such a great night!

My Holiday

Good morning! How was everyone’s holiday? Mine was awesome because I did a TON of relaxing, catching up on sleep, and lots of eating. I can’t wait to go to barre burn today and work off all the crap I ate over the past few days.

My Mom made an amazing Hanukkah dinner. She really went all out this year and did a great job!

Sauteed green beans

Challah bread


homemade potato latkes

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

blueberry pie

My brudder and I

Grace was waiting for food to drop on the floor

Sunday morning brunch. Egg and veggie scramble.

cheesy hash browns

Pretty Chloe

 Have a great day!


Must Have Monday: Texts from Jan

After many months of hassling my computer illiterate Mother (aka Jan) to guest post on Newtrition, I decided to take this matter into my own hands and post the photos she has sent me via text over the past month.

As most of you know my Mom is a personal shopper and stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue. I completely rely on her for all things fashion. Pretty much Jan will send me a text message with an article of clothing she thinks I will like.

99% of the time I usually want it and tell her to charge it to my account. Ok, ok, I don’t have an account but it’s our little inside joke which turns into me writing her a big fat check.

Not only do I plan to purchase or really really want to purchase these items, but they are also some of  the hottest fashion items for winter. Sharing is caring.

Theory Crushed Velvet Blazer

I got this blazer to wear to work. It’s perfect for the winter!

Theory plaid blazer

Jan says it’s very Ralph Lauren.

 Add puffer jacket

I told Jan that my next winter coat MUST have a hood. This jacket has a HUGE hood and I love the belt!

Theory Puffer Jacket with a hood

Jan is not only my personal shopper, she is my personal mannequin. How cute is she?!

 Staurt Weitzman Over the knee (OTK) boots

I must have them!

10022 motorcycle boots

10022 is Saks private shoe label. I own these boots and they are awesome. SO COMFY!

Cucinelli Boots

Baily 44 sequined top

Baily 44 off the shoulder top

Ippolita Earnings

Gorgeous and reasonably priced!

Stay tuned for more texts from Jan! I apologize that the picture quality is low, I’m working with Jan to try and take better photos.

Have a great day!

My Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a great day with my family and enjoyed spending time with everyone who came from out of town.

I started my day with peanut butter oats: trader joes steel cut oats with 1 packet of truvia, 1 tbsp of natural pb, and a dash of cinnamon. 

I was super full from the oats and since dinner was called at 4pm I saved room for dinner

Mom’s sweet potatoes

with marshmallows

broccoli casserole

carving the turkey


Mom’s homemade pumpkin bread

jello mold

Dorian’s garlic mashed potatoes

carrot soufflé

Brudder and baby miles playing piano together

have you seen anything cuter?

the spread

Julie’s pumpkin cheesecake with a ginger snap cookie crust


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Who did some major damage shopping today? I know I did!

Have a great weekend!

Weekend Wedding

Good morning! I am exhausted from this weekend, I was in Connecticut for my cousins wedding. It was a blast!

6am at the airport on Friday

Airport outfit:

jacket: theory

scarf: theory

sunglasses: chanel

We arrived in Boston before our drive to Connecticut and had lunch. My Mom and I got bloody mary’s after the flight.

Obvi I had to have Boston clam chowder. SO GOOD!

My Mom and I split a lobster roll too

We got to the rehearsal dinner and began our liquid diet starting with a drink called a Cosmo lite. The brides sister Stephanie loves to create her own drinks. She also is the co-founder of Culintro.

Cosmo Lite: vodka, soda, splash of cranberry, splash of lime juice, lime slice, orange slice.

fun jewelry I wore Friday night

my brother, sister, and I

Brownie sundae I made at the amazing desert bar

all glammed up for the wedding!

My Mom let me wear my grandma’s diamond ring for the night. I felt so special!

Jared and Dana are married!

My cousin Jared (the groom) and Mom

My brudder and I

 What a fantastic weekend! It was great to be with my family and celebrate Jared and Dana!

 Have a great Monday!

Girl & The Goat

Saturday night I went to Girl and the Goat with my family to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday. This restaurant is impossible to get into, I made this reservation 4 months ago and I have to admit it was worth the wait.

I loved the ambiance of the restaurant. It was very comforting and welcoming. The second we walked in we were greeted by the friendly host and hostess who lead us to our table. You can definitely get away with wearing jeans or a dress. I wore cords and a simple top.

 The menu had a variety of dishes ranging from veggies, fish, chicken, steak, and goat…yes, goat. They change their menu every so often to make sure it’s up to date with the seasons. There are some very exotic items on the menu (like goat) but our waitress was very knowledgeable and made sure we ordered the yummiest dishes.

I loved the open kitchen. Half way through dinner my Mom and I switched seats so I can watch for myself.

So entertaining!

Their plates are designed to share so we ordered a TON of dishes and tried everything.

We started with warm raisin bread with carrot jam and a yellow raisin & walnut butter

 chickpea fritters

seared scallops with fried brussel sprouts, pomegranate, spiced pecans, in a pumpkin sauce

luna azul tequilla, saint germain liquor,  and lime juice

Saint germain liquor is made out of an elder flower so it had a sweet and unique taste. It’s my sister’s favorite!

 sauteed shrimp with spaghetti squash

 wood fired walter’s chicken

fried pickles, two different types of sauces, and grilled naan

 We took the ingredients above and made a little sandwich using the naan bread. The fried pickles reminded me of Snooki from the Jersey Shore lol

 sauteed green beans

chorizo flatbread

 smoked goat empanadas

We took the plunge and tried goat, recommended by our server. I was a little scared at first but it was delicious!

 roasted cauliflower

beef ribs


All in all, we had a fantastic dinner and most importantly, my Dad was SO happy.

We had a wonderful dining experience and I can’t wait to go back!

 Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!


Between my Dad’s birthday (tomorrow’s post), Halloween, and weekend randomness I have lots of pics to share. Gosh I love my iPhone camera.

halloween cupcakes made by my co-worker Andi

carrot apple juice from Meli Cafe

chocolate chip pumpkin cookie pie I made for my Dad’s birthday which turned out to be an epic fail


smoothie from eggsperiance


Sunday funday feast at Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown

crispy mayo shrimp

Tony’s chicken

general’s chicken

veggie fried rice

clearly our eyes were bigger than our stomachs

Have a great Monday!


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