Video: New Trader Joe’s Finds

Item’s Mentioned in Video:

Coconut Oil Spray

Spicy Soy & Flax Seed Tortilla Chips

Cowboy Caviar Salsa

Three Cheese Tomato Sauce

Breakfast Trek Mix

Mango Honey Shave Cream

Tortilla Popchips

Remember my last post about popchips and how amazingly delicious they are? Well this post is even better than that! Popchips came out with…


I like to pronounce them tor-til-la. It’s more fun that way.

I got super spoiled and received a hefty supply of all five flavors of tortilla popchips. I immediately dove in and opened up all five bags and started sampling… I just couldn’t resist. :)

Tortilla popchips have that crisp and light texture like the original popchips but are perfect for dunking with their triangle shape. To be honest, I like them plain. My favorite is the chili limon, what could be better than salt and lime?! I can totally see myself dunking them into a big bowl of guac- YUM!

I also liked the nacho cheese flavor which taste very similar to cheetos. My co-workers loved the nacho cheese and couldn’t believe the entire bag was 120 calories.

I love snacking on them at my desk while listening to tunes.

Have you tried tortilla popchips yet? What do you think?

New Grocery Store Finds

I’m feeling so tired from the weekend and I need to wake up fast. Today is optional to come into work because of the NATO Summit but since I’m such an over achiever I figured, why not take advantage of the office being dead and actually get work done! When I say work I mean blogging about the new grocery store finds I stumbled upon this weekend.

80 cals per square! I love these for a small sweet treat.

Don't even get me started... this stuff is amazing.

 1. Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolatefound at Whole Foods

2. Smartfood Selects, Parmesan and herb popcorn

3. Nature Valley Granola Thins

4. Kashi Peanutty Chocolate layered granola bars

5. Smartfood Multigrain cinnamon sugar pop chips

6. Ciao Bella lowfat greek frozen yogurt

7. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter

8. Trader Joe’s S’mores ice cream Sandwiches

9. Trader Joe’s ready to drink coffee beverages

 have a great day!


Fiber Fills!

I’m on a waffle kick for breakfast these days. I like to eat them dry with raspberry preserves. 

I was at Whole foods and picked up a box of Van’s whole grain waffles and also picked up a box of Eggo whole grain low fat waffles.
Tuesday morning I ate two Van’s brand waffles. I was full after eating one of them but of course kept on going. I stayed full all morning until lunch.
Wednesday morning I ate two low fat Eggo waffles and was still hungry afterwards. I had a mid morning snack around 10am.
Why do you think I was full after eating the Van’s brand waffles and still hungry after eating the low fat Eggo waffles???
Eggo nutrition facts
Van’s nutrition facts
Although the Van’s brand waffles contain more calories and more fat, they have double the amount of fiber than the Eggo brand waffles. 
*Fiber makes us feel full quicker and stays in ourstomach longer than other foods we eat, slowing down our rate of digestion andkeeping us feeling full longer. Due to its greater fiber content, a singleserving of whole grain bread can be more filling than two servings of whitebread. Fiber also moves fat through our digestive system faster so that less ofit is absorbed.
Low fat does not mean it’s better for you! 
After consuming the low fat Eggo waffles I was still hungry so in reality that didn’t do much for me.
Moral of the story: check nutrition labels, you will be surprised.
Have a great weekend!

SWEET New Product Finds!

Good morning, Happy Tuesday! I haven’t done a product post in a while so I am excited to write about some new sweet finds that I have stumbled upon at various grocery stores. I love new food products, especially ones that are low calorie! I hope you enjoy this new list….
Banana chocolate chunk protein power muffins from Trader Joe’s They are super filling and I love the chocolate chunks.
At only 130 calories per muffin this makes the perfect breakfast.
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters
Yes, my dream came true. Skinny Cow came out with candy! 120 calories for the entire package…happiness
I also tried their chocolate peanut butter bar that’s 110 calories absolutely delicious and the perfect afternoon treat.Speaking of Skinny Cow, you must try these cookies and cream truffle bars all I have to say is YUMMMM
Fiber One chocolate peanut butter brownies what could be better than a chocolate and peanut butter brownie for 90 calories?!?

Chobani Kids honey-nana yogurt One of my favorite finds recommend by my friend Joree. This yogurt is great for breakfast or a mid-day snack. These cute kid friendly portions are 100 calories and have the perfect balance of flavors. Joree adds vanilla almond granola to it to add some crunch.
What is your favorite low calorie sweet treat?
Have a great day!

Spring Grocery Shopping List

I don’t think anyone loves the grocery store more than I do.

I go to the grocery store so much that the staff knows me there. I could spend hours at the grocery going up and down every aisle and looking for new products and chatting away with the deli counter staff.

Yeah, I have friends at the deli counter. I’m cool like that.
Since I don’t have a car, I use a grocery cart on wheels

I like to call it the granny cart  My friends and family members love to make fun of my granny cart but I don’t care, this thing saves my life!
Some general guidelines to follow:1) Don’t over buy2) Buy what you can freeze3) Plan ahead
Here is my spring grocery shopping list. I like to buy produce that is in season and I also try to eat organically as possible. This is just a guideline, by no means do you have to run to the grocery store and buy everything on this list.
fresh spinach  

flat out wraps
sandwich thins (arnold, deli flats)
high fiber whole grain bread
sweet potatoes
fiber one cereal
corn tortillas
whole wheat pasta
Tofu shirataki noodles

Deli sliced turkey breast    
rotisserie chicken
thinly cut chicken breast
Trader Joe’s flamed broiled turkey meat balls
frozen shrimp (de-veined)
Egg beaters

100 calorie popcorn
low fat string cheese
pop chips
fat free pudding
Bars (larabar, luna bar, fiber one, fiber plus)

frozen broccoli
frozen veggies
frozen fruit (for smoothies)…mangos, berries, bananas
green giant just for one broccoli with cheese sauce
weight watchers ice cream bars
skinny cow ice cream sandwiches

soy milk
yogurt (nonfat)
reduced fat cheese
laughing cow cheese wedges
reduced fat Parmesan cheese

reduced fat mayo
BBQ sauce
Fat free ranch dressing
low calorie salad dressing
raspberry preserves
natural peanut butter

Low sodium chicken stock
Non stick cooking spray
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Happy Shopping!

New Obsessions

Good morning, Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having a good week. I am extremely sore from Barre Burn but feeling great! Last night I burned 577 calories in class. I will have to work harder next time if I want to beat last weeks number!

Here are a few new finds that I’m currently obsessed with…
Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bars they taste like a chocolate dipped macaroon  I’m in love
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar After I ate this bar for the first time, I turned to my co-worker and told her it was the best thing I’ve ever ate. I wasn’t lying. It tastes like a candy bar. Ah-mazing!
There’s something about these lemon heart cookies from Trader Joe’s that make me happy maybe it’s because they have the perfect balance of flavors with a light lemon icing all I need is a cup of coffee and I’ll be in heaven
Have a great day!

Spring is in the air with these new product finds!

Good morning & Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I dined at Sushi Samba Saturday night with some girl friends and we were not satisfied with our meals. I left still hungry and with the wost stomach ache. All I have to say is that it’s over priced and terrible quality. Now I remember why I never eat there.

On a lighter note, I went to the grocery store yesterday and found some new low calorie products. Enjoy :-)

Alexia Foods All Natural Oven Reds found in your grocer’s frozen food section   I put them in a 425 degree oven for 25 minutes until they were golden brown and crispy. 120 cals for 8 potato wedges = AWESOMENESS!
Wheat Thins came out with these…  130 calories for 14 pieces   a perfect sweet and salty snack
Anything French Silk Pie flavored reminds me when I was a kid and would eat french silk pie from Bakers Square…ah the good old days.  for 140 calories I get my sweet tooth fix yum!
This is just too much fun to pass up…  Whoever came up with this concept is a GENIUS.Not only is it organic, there are only 80 calories per 2 pancakes (1/4 cup)The fun is just a blast or two away…
Reduced Fat Pesto from Buitoni  I can’t wait to spread this on my turkey sandwich.
Sabra Spinach & Artichoke Hummus Jan introduced this to me today and I fell in love with it!
Have a great day!

2011 product finds!

Good morning! I haven’t been outside yet, but it’s supposed to be FREEZING. Where is Spring?!?!

Here are some new product finds:

Special K cracker chips 110 cals for 27 chips!
Mini sabra hummus so cute and perfect for on the go!
Mini caramel oikos yogurt  110 calories for this sweet treat

Most amazing yogurt ever!!!! 130 cals creamy fluffy yogurt with a yummy fruit compote on the sidelove love love this!

If you love butter check this out….   45 cals for 1tbsp. This yogurt spread is the BEST alternative to the real deal
What are your favorite new products in 2011?
Have a great Tuesday!


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