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Newtrition began as a healthy living blog, documenting my journey of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While I am still very passionate about healthy living, my blog has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog. My interests have expanded and I now enjoy writing about additional topics that interest me. You will still find healthy recipes, skinny tips, and workouts- I will always live by my three mantras! You will also find outfits I wear, shoes I love, the latest and greatest products I find, work life balance, my life through my iphone pictures & instagram, and whatever is on in my mind that I want to share.

Things about me:

  • The name Newtrition stems from my last name, Newman. The blog name won’t change, ever.
  • I have an awesome job working in advertising sales.
  • I love chocolate and bacon. Not together, but that actually sounds really good.
  • I can’t sit indian style, my legs just don’t go that way.
  • I can’t stand the taste of soda.
  • I’m the oldest of three children.

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Thanks so much for visiting and come back soon! xoxo


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