Spring Beauty Obsessions

Spring Faves 2015


Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser: This stuff makes me happy…SO HAPPY! I discovered it when I was on vacation in Naples, FL. My skin was breaking out like crazy so I went to the spa at my hotel and asked for something that would clear me up. They recommended the Clear Skin Starter Set which includes the cleanser, moisturizer, mask, and serum. I fell in love with the entire line. I use this cleanser in the morning. I love the way it makes me skin feel and it smells like mint and cucumber– the perfect cleanser to wake me up!

Nars Dual Intensity Blush (Adoration): A blush and a highlighter in one, could you ask for anything more?!? I use this everyday. The colors are gorgeous on every skin tone and a little goes a long way. I also like to mix the highlighter with my lip gloss. I take my finger and dab a little in the center of my lips to make them pop. I even use this on my eyes and put the darker shade in the crease and the highlighter on the lid. So many uses!

Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer (oil free): Every time I used a product that reduced the size of my pores or minimized my pores I would break out…this primer does not do that! I was so happy to find something that really works without making my skin freak out. The texture is like clay so it’s a little weird at first but once you apply it your skin it becomes soooo smooth. Every time I use this primer people come up to me and tell me how amazing my skin looks…if they only knew THIS primer was the real reason. Secret’s out folks!

Make Up Forever HD Powder: Obsessed. Can’t go a day without it. This makes your skin look flawless. It gets rid of any shine and also sets my makeup beautifully! It doesn’t have a powdery or cakey finish either.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette: The colors in this palette are absolutely stunning and can be used for everyday or for a dramatic evening look. The colors are very pigmented and I’m finding NO fallout when applied. I just love this palette– everything about it!

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion: I’m almost out of it and that makes me really sad. I use this to shave my legs and use it right before I get out of the shower. It smells great and makes my skin really soft. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Beach Bag Essentials

in my beach bag
Surf Spray gives my hair the perfect amount of texture to give me beachy waves. I use it on wet and dry hair.
SPF 30 Spray Gel it has a bronzer that gives me a tan glow instantly while protecting my skin.
Eos SPF 30 Lip Balm This is with me at all times because my lips always burn.
NARS Body Oil Smells like heaven in a bottle.
Fabric Hair Ties I love how they don’t leave a crease or pull out my hair.


What’s in your beach bag?

Gel Eyeliner Tutorial

Good evening! I FINALLY figured out how to post video’s on my new site. I made this video in my bathroom while getting ready to go out to dinner for my Dad’s birthday. I apologize in advance if I stutter or say any virus words such as “like”, “um”, “you know”, and “you guys”. I’m still learning but will be an expert before you know it!

My friends and family members have been asking me how I do my eyeliner. Since I’m not very good at doing makeup on other people, I figured why not make a video tutorial. I hope you enjoy it!



My Favorite Drug Store Beauty Products

Eye Makeup Removerneutrogena oil free eye makeup remover
It doesn’t sting your eyes at all and it really gets off all your makeup. It works just as well as the expensive makeup removers, if not better!
Beauty Bar
olay luscious embrace bar I love this beauty bar! Not only does it smell amazing, it makes me feel squeaky clean every time I use it.
Leave In Conditioner
john frieda frizz-ease daily nourishment Since I have thick hair, conditioner is not enough. I love the smell of this leave in conditioner. It also pairs well with Moroccan oil.
Oil Absorbing Sheetsclean and clear oil absorbing sheets In the summer time, I love having these on hand in my purse. These are a must have that won’t remove your makeup and get the job done!
Lash Lengthening Mascara
revlon grow luscious mascara For about $8 this mascara leaves my lashes thick and full. I also love the brush size that gives me long separated lashes all day long.
Face Wash
CeraVe foaming face wash My dermatologist recommended this face wash and I love it. I’ve been using their hydrating cleanser for years and I have fallen in love with their new foaming face wash. All of you Cetaphil users, it’s time to make the switch to CeraVe which is not only a update product, but has ingredients that do not clog your pores.
Sun Screenneutrogena oil free sunblock lotion spf 45  When I was in Florida, my eyes started burning from my sunscreen. My friend Brittany had me use this sunscreen and it was amazing. I have such sensitive skin and it didn’t sting my eyes, and has no scent or harsh chemicals. 
Have a great day!

Top Ten Beauty Essentails for Spring

I wanted to start this week off with my top ten favorite beauty essentials for Spring. When it comes to skincare and makeup I have a pretty strict routine. I feel that as part of looking good and feeling good, having a consistent skin routine not only makes your skin look 10x better but it increases your self confidence. Here are my top ten beauty products/tools that I use almost everyday that are light weight, oil free, and easy to use.
SPF tinted moisturizer  Revision Skincare Tinted Moisturizer SPF 45 My girl Julia at Skin Deep Medical Spa introduced me to this tinted moisturizer and now I have my sister hooked. It flawlessly matches every skin tone while being oil free, light, and non greasy. I use this every single day.
Face towelsYes to Cucumbers Face Cleaner Towelettes My last beauty post talked about my obsession with Yes to Cucumbers products. These face wipes are great before/after the gym. They take off all my makeup and smell great. I keep these in my gym bag at all times. 
Body Lotion Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion This is a great basic everyday moisturizer. It’s lightly scented and has a non greasy feel. I used this lotion when I came home from Florida and it stopped me from peeling.
Daytime Eye CreamKheils Eye Alert  I put this on every single morning right when I wake up. It completely gets rid of under eye circles and puffiness. I can’t go a day without it.
Nighttime Eye CreamClinique All about eyes rich  I love the thickness of this eye cream, it’s like butter!
Zit ZapperProactiv Refining Mask This mask is a life saver! I use it to spot treat breakouts.  It clears up my skin overnight which is the best quick fix I could ask for.
Eye ConcealerTrish McEvoy Correct and Brighten GREAT for covering dark under eye circles. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference this concealer/correcter makes. 
Face PowderLaura Mercier Invisible Universal Powder I got my makeup done at the Laura Mercier counter last month and the makeup artist used this powder on me. Let me just say, I’m obsessed. I have never worn face powder before so I love how light and smooth it feels on my face. It completely covers up every single imperfection while leaving my skin silky and smooth. 
BronzerTrish McEvoy Weekend all over face color My sister and I swear by this bronzer. It is a great natural looking color without making you look like an orange oompa loompa.
Eyelash CurlerShu Uemura  My #1 beauty tool. I don’t walk out the door without curling my eyelashes. This is by far the best eye lash curler I have ever used.

Feel free to comment below or email me with any questions. 

Have a great Monday!

healthy, shiny, sexy, hair

 As I am slowing adding fashion and beauty to my blog I wanted to share my favorite hair products that I’m currently obsessed with as well as my hair care tips. I always love trying new hair products (especially if they smell good) as I typically switch up the shampoo & conditioner I use every few months. 
Stay tuned for more of my favorite beauty products and tips. Also, get excited to read more about the hottest fashion trends from Siera Seedman, stylist at SARCA Chicago.
Enjoy :-)
Rock-a-holic dry shampoo This is my dirty secret. I have very thick hair and it takes FOREVER to style. When I don’t have time to wash my hair I use this dry shampoo. It has a clean citrus smell and works wonders. No one will ever know you didn’t wash your hair.
Moroccan Oil  My sister and I swear by it. It’s pricey but a little pea size amount is all you need. A bottle of Moroccan oil can last you up to six months. It completely changes the texture of my hair reducing frizz and making my hair shiny and smooth.
 Yes to Cucumbers Shampoo & Conditioner  After freelancing at a marketing firm during my funemployment days, I did a competitive analysis project on eco-friendly beauty brands. After doing extensive research, I caved and bought yes to cucumbers shampoo and conditioner. Not only is it affordable at your nearest drug store, it makes my hair smell delicious!
Frederic Fekki Beach Waves Spray Best.stuff.ever. First of all, it smells like coconut and makes me want to have a pina colada on the beach. I spray this all over my hair when its damp and my hair looks sexier than ever.  
P.S. the last guy I dated loved the smell of my hair when I used this spray.
Other Hair Tips:

  • Use a fine tooth comb over a brush. Brushes tend to pull out your hair while combs are able to get through every strand and ensure all of the tangles are out. 
  • Let your conditioner sit in your hair for a few minutes so your hair can soak it up the nutrients and avoid getting dry.
  • Only wash your hair 2-3 days a week. I know this sounds gross but shampoo has a lot of harsh ingredients that will dry out your hair. Use a dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash your hair or only use conditioner. 

Have a beautiful day!

When you look good, you feel good

Three things that make me look good and feel good…
Workout Clothes: I know this may sound goofy but I love shopping and expanding my workout wardrobe! Actually getting my butt to the gym is the hardest part of all, so why not look cute while getting my ass kicked?! So if you’re into the idea of looking chic while doing sprints on the treadmill, here are my favorite places to shop for workout gear: lulu lemon, gap body, old navy, and forever 21 –  recently came out with their line of workout clothes.
Lingerie: “Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, every single day. It sets the foundation for the way you look and feel, inspiring every emotion from confident to coquette,” Jenna, owner of Jenna Leigh Lingerie. SO SO true… even if you’re a single gal lingerie can be the perfect confidence booster. My new obsession, cheeky undies! I want one of these in every color! 
Getting my hair done: For special occasions this is one of the pricier things I like to do. Last week, I treated myself to a blow out and it was the perfect pick me up after a rough week. My hair not only looked amazing but people were giving me tons of compliments, thanks to Matilda at Charles Ifergan Salon. If you’re feeling down or having a stressful week I highly recommend you go to Charles Ifergan (on Oak Street) and get treated to the best blow out in Chicago.


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