My Favorite Neutrogena Products


Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover: I’ve been using this for years! I love how this is oil free and I can use this all over my face without clogging pores. It’s light, non greasy, and an all time favorite of mine. I also like the wipes but I tend to go through them very quickly. I’ve found the liquid lasts much longer.

Triple Moisture Leave-On Cream: I just began using this about a month ago. I got sick of spending $30+ on leave-in conditioner. I found that this does the same thing for a quarter of the price. The best part, it smells amazing!

Body Lotion: This super light, non greasy, lotion doesn’t smell too over powering. I slap this on after every shower.

Body Oil: Obsessed. This has been a staple of mine. I leave the bottle in my shower. After I’m done showering I put this all over my body when it’s still wet and pat dry with a towel. It sinks into my skin leaving me smelling amazing all day.

Rainbath Shower Gel: This shower gel smells like a spa, no joke! I buy the 32oz  from Nordstrom Rack and it lasts me months.


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