SWEET New Product Finds!

Good morning, Happy Tuesday! I haven’t done a product post in a while so I am excited to write about some new sweet finds that I have stumbled upon at various grocery stores. I love new food products, especially ones that are low calorie! I hope you enjoy this new list….
Banana chocolate chunk protein power muffins from Trader Joe’s They are super filling and I love the chocolate chunks.
At only 130 calories per muffin this makes the perfect breakfast.
Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters
Yes, my dream came true. Skinny Cow came out with candy! 120 calories for the entire package…happiness
I also tried their chocolate peanut butter bar that’s 110 calories absolutely delicious and the perfect afternoon treat.Speaking of Skinny Cow, you must try these cookies and cream truffle bars all I have to say is YUMMMM
Fiber One chocolate peanut butter brownies what could be better than a chocolate and peanut butter brownie for 90 calories?!?

Chobani Kids honey-nana yogurt One of my favorite finds recommend by my friend Joree. This yogurt is great for breakfast or a mid-day snack. These cute kid friendly portions are 100 calories and have the perfect balance of flavors. Joree adds vanilla almond granola to it to add some crunch.
What is your favorite low calorie sweet treat?
Have a great day!

Low Fat Trifle

My friend Lauren made this awesome low fat trifle for Easter a couple of weeks ago. It was so delicious that I had to post the recipe! This is a simple, quick, and low fat desert that will wow your guests. It’s a perfect desert to please a crowd…I know I was :) stunning! Ingredients: -sponge cakeLauren recommends Pillsbury sponge cake and made it herself but you could also buy it from a bakery if you don’t feel like baking it-chocolate and vanilla pudding mix Suggestion: not using pre-made pudding, but rather getting the jell-o pudding mix and making it yourself– strawberries, cut up
– banana’s, cut up
– cool whip Directions:
– Bake the sponge cake (skip this step if you bought it pre-made)
– Layer the bottom of your trifle dish with small, broken up pieces of sponge cake
– Next, add a layer of cool whip on top of the sponge cake. Tip: The cool whip should be room temperature or else it is too difficult to spread over the sponge cake
– Put a layer of vanilla pudding on top of the cool whip. This tends to mix together a little when you are spreading the pudding over the cool whip but that is normal.
– After the pudding has been spread evenly over the cool whip, add a layer of strawberries.
– After the strawberries, add another layer of sponge cake and keep repeating the same steps, alternating with chocolate pudding and bananas.-You will probably end up with 4-5 layers total! You can top the trifle with some shaved chocolate, coconut, chocolate chips, or whatever your heart desires!!  You can also use other flavored puddings such as banana or butterscotch. Lauren decided to keep it simple because who doesn’t like chocolate and vanilla pudding?
Special thanks to Lauren Weisberg for sharing her trifle recipe!
Have a great day!

Dear Valentines Day…

Thank you for making my ass grow the size of Texas

I don’t feel bad for myself

You are what you eat

Which means I am what I ate last night for dinner at a fabulous Valentine’s Day potluck dinner with my girlfriends
bruschetta   crunchy asian salad  hummus dip Artichoke and spinach stuffed shells meat balls leaning tower of campaign last but not least… gooey butter cake
Must I say more??
For any of these recipes please leave a comment below or send me an email with your recipe request… my friends will be flattered to share their recipes with you!

Have a great day!

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day! My high school friends and I got together last night for a lingerie exchange party… so fun! All you ladies should definitely get together and do this with your girlfriends!

cupcakes funfetti obvs
heart shaped pizzas “chalky” Valenties hearts  
 I made peanut butter and jelly bars
Click on the “read more” link below to check out the recipe…

It’s peanut butter jelly time!  My friend Stephanie and I love the peanut butter and jelly bars from Goddess and the Grocer so I decided to make my own!
Peanut Butter and Jelly Barsusing 3 ingredients

  • 1 pouch of store bought peanut butter cookie mix (yes, I cheated)
  • 1 jar of strawberry jam
  • 2/3 cup chopped peanuts

Prepare cookie mix according to directions Spread 2/3 of the dough in a prepared cake pan
*make sure you spray the pan with non stick cooking spray
spread the jam evenly over the dough
TIP: mix the jam up before adding to the dough so it will spread evently
drop small globs of the remaining peanut butter dough over the jam don’t worry if the jam isn’t covered
Bake for 40 minutes at 375 degrees, sprinkling the chopped peanuts over the bars half way through cooking.  You can use any kind of jam you like, I prefer strawberry jam (not jelly) because I like the texture. make sure you let them cool completely before cutting into bars yummy, gooey, peanut butter and jelly happiness!
Make these for your Valentines Day sweetie!
I personally think Valentines Day is the greatest excuse to eat all the chocolate I want.
Have a great day!

There’s a blizzard?

I f’ing hate the snow. 
I feel as if the entire city of Chicago is shutting down due to the giant blizzard that’s taking over the midwest. Rude. 

Here’s a quiz for you…
Which has fewer calories? 
The chocolate glazed donut?
The bran muffin?
Da da da da da da daaa…..

The chocolate glazed donut!!!!!!!!!!! this would be better if it had sprinkles… just sayin
Believe it or not if you had to choose between the two, the chocolate glazed donut has 320 calories vs. the bran muffin which has a whoping 460 calories… NOT okay.
So pick and choose wisely folks, the bran muffin may sound better but has hidden calories!
Have a great day!


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